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18-19 APR 2014

2nd Annual Online Egg Hunt - Spy Prize Packs

Our annual online egg hunt is back and this year we're giving away 8 Spy prize packs including sunglasses, goggles and more! Find out how to win here...

Red Paddle Inflatable SUP Review

You've seen Red Paddle Co Inflatable SUPs but are not sure what they are all about? Learn why they are awesome in our Red Paddle Inflatable SUP review.

27 APR 2014

The Hunt: Chicago Skate Scavenger Race

The city wide longboard and social media based Scavenger Hunt is back for 2014. The Hunt Chicago 2014 goes down on April 27th @11:30am starting at Wilson Skate Park.

2014 Men's Boardshorts First Look

Summer's on the way so don't sleep and miss out on all the good 2014 men's boardshorts for this season. Here is a sneak peak of our personal faves.

2014 SUP Boards First Look

A quick look at some of our favorite 2014 sup boards for the 2014 stand up paddle board season.

2014 Women's Swimwear First Look

Snow may still be on the ground but our selection of 2014 women's swimwear has us heating up quite nicely! Here is a sneak peak of what's to come.

What Do You Need to SUP in Cold Water?

Had enough of the winter blues and really want to get out and SUP? Here is a list of what you'll need to SUP in cold water.

01 MAR 2014

Ladies Shred Day 2014

Head out to Ladies Shred Day 2014 on March 1st, 2014 at Devil's Head Resort!

Winter 2015 Splitboarding: SIA First Look

Splitboarding at SIA 2014! Here we're gonna get a peak at what the snowboard industry is preparing for in 2015 when it comes to the rise of splitboarding.

Winter 2015 Outerwear: First Look SIA

In this video we're taking a look at some of the Winter 2015 Outerwear we saw at the SIA 2014 show.

Winter 2015 Burton Boot Tech - First Look SIA

We caught up with Eric "Mini Shred", Boots Product Manager for Burton Snowboards, to show us the new boot technology they've been working on.

Winter 2015 Snowboard Bindings - First Look SIA

This is part 2 of our Winter 2015 preview series at SIA. Here we will take a look at bindings coming out in 2015.

Winter 2015 Snowboards - First Look SIA

This is part 1 of our Winter 2015 preview series at SIA. Here we will take a look at snowboards coming out in 2015.

Winter 2015 Snowboarding: First Look SIA

Take a look at our Winter 2015 Snowboarding preview with exclusive photos from SIA 2014.

10 New 2014 Snowboard Technologies

We cover the latest snowboard technology 2014 style. The latest and greatest in the snowboard industry across the major players.

What is Splitboarding?

What is splitboarding? Learn with our video demonstration on how a splitboard works.

2014 Outerwear for Ultimate Versatility

Does your snow jacket/pant perform well on the cold and warm days? Join us as we explore the best 2014 outerwear for ultimate versatility.

2014 Outerwear For Ultimate Warmth

Be prepared for whatever winter brings with some of the toughest outerwear for ultimate warmth we could find for winter '14.

Burton Luggage Review - Luggage for Any Adventure

Keep your gear organized and ready for any adventure you take on. Our Burton luggage review will show you the way.

Burton Midwest Demo Tour at Alpine Valley Resort

Burton's Midwest Demo Tour brought out their new 2014 line of snowboards and bindings for the riders at Alpine Valley in Wisconsin to try out.

Understanding Snowboard Outerwear

Explore some of the down and dirty details built into your snowboard outerwear to keep you warm and dry on the mountain.

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